The 5 Best Vegetables To Plant For Spring In Nashville

These Are What We Recommend For Your Spring Vegetable Garden
Hands planting one of the best vegetables for spring

Some of the best vegetables to plant in spring in Nashville are lettuce, onions, and potatoes. These are traditionally good ones to plant, but there are 2 others.

Discover the others below-

What To Plant This Year?

“Should it be all-new, a repeat, or a mix?” asks James.

Amanda pauses. “What? Sorry, I was only half-listening, would you please repeat that?” James chuckles a bit. “No worry. I’m just thinking about what vegetables to plant for spring this year.”

“I’m not sure,” she answers. “We could do the same thing as last year but that’s kind of boring, right?” James shrugs. “I’m not a huge fan of repeating the same thing over and over. Why don’t we look up the best spring vegetables for our garden?”

Amanda’s smile lights up the room. “Yay, family activity! Let’s do it,” she says as she picks up her phone. She gets on Google and starts searching as James walks over to help.

Here’s what the couple finds:

The Best Spring Vegetables To Plant In Nashville

Rows of vegetables waiting to be bought and planted

The best vegetables to plant in spring include lettuce, onions, potatoes, some peas, and asparagus. They can stand the cooler temperatures of early spring. With the right care, you’ll be able to add some fresh vegetables to your dinner table!

There are plenty of other choices you can choose from. We like these because they’re easier to care for than some other spring vegetables.

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“I say we use these 5 veggies for our garden this year,” says Amanda. James nods in agreement. “It’s a nice variety while still having some we planted last year. Let’s also see what else we can learn on this blog.”