The Best Herbs To Plant In Spring For Your Garden In Nashville

You’ll Love Having These Herbs In Your Garden For Several Reasons
Rows of herbs and plants

A few of the best herbs to plant in spring include thyme, mint, and lavender. Their benefits are many, including improving your health and food flavor.

Find more herbs and benefits below-

New Place, New Herbs!

“Oh, it’s that time of year again already?” says Amanda.

James smiles and nods. “Yup! It’s time to get the herb garden going, get some freshness in our meals.” Amanda smiles excitedly. “Yes! But, we’re in a whole new state…”

Josh nods understandingly. “True, but that’s just a new challenge for me. I can just look up the best herbs to plant in spring in Nashville, Tennessee on Google. I’ll find out what they are (if there are any new ones) and go from there. It worked when I looked up how to prepare a garden for spring.”

Amanda gives him a thumbs-up as he takes out his phone. “I’ll go ahead and do it seeing as how spring is around the corner,” says James.

Here is what he finds:

The Best Spring Herbs For Nashville Gardens

Basil plants at JVIs Garden Center

Some of the best herbs to plant in spring include basil, thyme, sage, lavender, oregano, coriander, and mint. They all thrive in Nashville, Tennessee’s hardiness zone. Cilantro can be a little tricky. If it gets too hot it can start flowering and seeding.

Planting cilantro in a shadier spot should help keep it from flowering.

Benefits Of Growing Herbs

Lavender plants

Herbs attract beneficial insects. These insects help keep parasites and other harmful insects away from your garden. This means you won’t have to use pesticides as much (or at all.)

Some herbs also have medicinal benefits. Chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and peppermint are just a few herbs that are good for your body. They can help in ways like easing nausea, boosting your immune system, and more.

Growing your own herbs can help keep some money in your wallet. No more store-bought stuff either! Also,  can you imagine what it’s like to add fresh thyme, straight from your garden, to your spaghetti sauce?

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“So it’s basically the same as where we were living?” asks Amanda. James smiles. “Yeah, you remembered! This makes it easier for sure. Maybe we can find a new challenge with a different plant or plants.”