The Best Christmas Tree Experience in Nashville, TN

/The Best Christmas Tree Experience in Nashville, TN

You see our front landscape beds lit up with Christmas lights as you drive down Donelson Pike and pull into our Christmas tree lot. You’ll most likely see our warm cozy bon fire welcoming you. As you, your friends, and family step out of your car, walk in our gates, you are greeted by the smell of the bon fire, S’mores, roasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and the sounds of Christmas music. You’ll stroll through beautiful handmade Christmas wreaths, fraser fir garland, white pine garland, bows, and swags.

After warming up by the bon fire and roasting marshmallows, free hot chocolate and S’mores in hand, its time to continue or start, your Christmas tradition, picking out your tree. Once you’ve found the perfect Christmas tree our elves will take it from here.

But, wait there’s more. We carefully carry your tree over to our Christmas cabin for free family Christmas pictures with your tree. However, this is not your typical family Christmas picture. We have funny picture props. Raine deer ears, funny Santa Clause hats, Rudolph the red nose rain deer noses, antlers and many more for you to put on and to get that holiday cheer flowing. We’ll even share your picture on Facebook for all your friends to see.

Now, on to the Christmas tree trimming. We take your tree to our prep area where we limb up the lower branches, if needed, make a fresh cut off the base of the tree so it can take up water once you get home and put in the your Christmas tree stand. We even make a quick Christmas ornament out of the fresh cut we made off the bottom of your tree.

Now its time to get you loaded up. You couldn’t possibly carry your tree with a second S’more and hot chocolate in hand. Now we’re going net your tree so that its nice and cozy on the ride home just like the Griswold’s. Oh, by the way, that ornament we made for you, smells so good you can even use it as an air freshener to hang from your rear view mirror on the way home.

See you next year,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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