Azaleas: How To Plant, When To Plant, & More Expert Knowledge

Azaleas are best planted in spring and fall when temperatures are lower. Plant azaleas in part shade and part sun areas where they can get morning sun and light afternoon shade. Dig a hole about twice as wide as your azalea’s root ball and deep enough so the base of the shrub is an inch or less from the ground. Then bury it, water it, and put mulch around it.

You can keep reading for details on how to plant azaleas and more.

Amy doesn’t know anything about azaleas, which is exactly why she wants some for her yard.

Amy likes to try out new plants and flowers. She has done some great designs before, but she wants to continue trying new ones. It’s like a hobby of hers. Now she’s going to try and plant azaleas.

Azalea how to plant

She sees them beautifying yards around her neighborhood. They add bursts of color to each one. She’s been doing a little research on them and apparently they are low maintenance too. “Less work for more enjoyment?” Amy thinks, “Sounds like my type of plant.

It’s a beautiful Saturday, so she gets in her car and heads to one of the garden centers in Nashville. She has a few questions she wants a plant expert to answer.

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When To Plant Azaleas

Amy pulls into the garden center, parks, and walks inside. As she is looking around, a helpful team member asks if they could help her with anything.

“Yes, actually, would you mind answering a few questions I have about azaleas?” she cheerfully responds. “Of course, ask away.” “Well, first, when should I plant azaleas?” she asks.

They answer like they’ve been waiting all day for someone to ask:

The best times for when to plant azaleas are spring and early fall. The temperatures are cooler then, which is ideal for azaleas. Spring is definitely the better planting time because you’re more likely to get the coloring you want. You can plant azaleas in the summer but you’ll want to water them more frequently due to the hot weather. 

Azalea when to plant pink

“Very informative, thank you! I already feel better about buying azaleas. Can you also tell me where to plant azaleas?”

Where To Plant Azaleas

When looking for where to plant your azalea, first find places that are partly sunny and shady. It can have morning sun and light afternoon shade or be partly sunny all day. Avoid places with early morning sun. Soil that is moist, well-drained, fertile, and acidic is best. Avoid deep shade and direct sun areas.

“Wow you know a lot about azaleas, huh?” Amy says, impressed. “Can you also tell me how to plant azaleas?”

How To Plant Azaleas

First, dig a hole a little bigger than the container or root ball of the azalea. It should be deep enough that the bottom of the azalea is an inch from the ground. Then bury it. Water it thoroughly and then add a heavy mulch around it leaving 1 inch of space for the stem. Pile it low during warmer seasons and high when winter hits.

How plant azalea like this pink and orange one

“That’s perfect, thank you so much. Can you point me in the direction of your azaleas?” Amy says excitedly. The team member offers to take her there and answer any other questions.

Amy is about to make her yard design even better.

Love Your Azaleas

Amy is going to find out just how amazing azaleas can be. During summer she will only need to water it about every 4-5 days (the roots, not the leaves). As long as she doesn’t soak the soil they should be fine. They are a low maintenance plant after all.

Following this advice, you can grow some amazing azaleas in your yard.

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