A referral from our website, this job was located in the Brentwood area. The couple came to us from our website and wanted a water feature that they were gifting each other as an anniversary present. A gift for both of them, we wanted to make sure everyone was consulted in the design process to ensure happiness with the final product.

This job was not without its challenges, however. The weather presented issues with nearly constant rain, which put us behind on our timeline. Rocky soil also hindered the excavation process but we were determined to finish the job as quickly as possible.

After removing two trucks of large limestone, we trucked in Tennessee moss rock to build the 25-foot pondless water feature. We then transplanted some calla lilies from another part of the client’s yard, added hydrangeas, yucca, a Japanese maple, assorted grasses and tied it all together with brown mulch. The entire project took 5 days and $15,000 and the results were well worth it in our opinion!

Clear communication was essential in the client satisfaction with this job. We were upfront about the challenges faced and let the homeowners know the reasons behind the delayed timeline. Even after working in subpar weather conditions, our crew pulled together and created a gorgeous gift that the couple can enjoy for many anniversaries to come.