Adding Filtration to a Pond With Decorative Gravel

Decorative Gravel Makes Ponds Happy and Healthy

Having trouble keeping your pond clean? It happens to everybody. You go outside to enjoy your pond, or show it off to a friend, only to find its once clear blue water has turned a murky green. 

Fortunately, there is a cheap and stylish solution: Decorative Gravel! We place it in our own ponds because decorative gravel truly keeps your pond ecosystem healthy. Science proves it! It’s all about allowing beneficial bacteria to seed and grow. If you let beneficial bacteria flourish, algae problems will be a thing of the past.

If you don’t already have it, give us a call! Forget expensive, once use chemicals. Let decorative gravel step into the ring and fight pond algae. Read on to learn the science behind the process!

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Beneficial Bacteria Removes Nitrogen From The Pond 

Nitrogen Cycle In Pond

Beneficial bacteria actually removes nitrogen from the water column, starving the algae. Algae uses nitrogen as a food source – the more nitrogen, the more food for algae. Just like any other organism, algae grows when it eats and shrivels when it starves. If you cut off the nitrogen, it will not be able to grow.

Algae isn’t the only thing that makes your pond murky – especially if you have fish! Beneficial bacteria’s uses extend beyond removing nitrogen. It also can help to break down fish waste and organic matter, digesting and removing that unhealthy matter from the ecosystem.

How does beneficial bacteria tie into decorative gravel, you may ask? Decorative gravel actually gives beneficial bacteria a place to settle. It will rest on your gravel and get to work. Without the gravel, the bacteria cannot settle and all that gunk you want out of the picture will begin to thrive. The gravel indirectly fights the algae off!

Beneficial Bacteria: Think ‘Probiotics’

Look at beneficial bacteria as probiotics. We take probiotics for our cells to have a healthy gut, right? Here in Nasvhille, Kombucha is everywhere just for this reason! It keeps our immune system strong and allows us to feel better as a result. That same idea applies to a pond’s ecosystem. When you add decorative gravel into the ecosystem, the nitrogen level drops and algae starves out. Your pond will be clean as can be.

There’s more to pond cleaning than installing decorative gravel. Learn more about pond maintenance and cleaning here!

Watch the video, you’ll see the fish are stoked!

Rocks and Gravel Are Part of the Pond Ecosystem!

Our clients can see the benefits in a big way compared to friend’s ponds that may be gravel-free. It’s an easy fix to algae problems, one of the most common issues pond owners face. If you don’t already have decorative gravel at the bottom of your pond, hit us up. We’ll make sure your pond has everything it needs to maintain a healthy ecosystem, look great, and excite those fish.

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