The 6 Steps We’ll Go Through When Bringing Your Project To Life

This Is The Process We Go Through With Our Clients For A Great Customer Experience
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There shouldn’t be any mystery or gray area when working with a contractor (we certainly don’t like it). 

In this post, you’ll discover the steps we take with clients when bringing their projects to life. You’ll also find out what happens during those steps.

No Need For Sherlock

“But we don’t know what to expect,” says James.

“Yes we do,” replies Amanda. “How? We haven’t worked with JVI before so there’s no way we can know what their process is like,” counters James.

Amanda smiles. “Oh, but we still can. You didn’t look at the email they sent us, did ya? The one where they sent us links to blog posts like how they build koi ponds.”

James frowns in confusion. “What email?” Amanda swipes her phone off the kitchen counter, unlocks it, and starts scrolling through her email. “Here, it’s an email with a bunch of information for us, including their process.”

James takes the phone from her and sees this:

JVI’s 6 Steps To Bringing Your Project To Life

JVI Secret Gardens truck outside of a clients house ready to work
  1. Contact JVI via our website with pictures or stop by our garden center
  • You’ll talk to Jamie first – she’s our CXO and pond girl and she’s here to give you the best experience possible!
  • She can give you pricing on some projects – cleanings? Pump replacements? Need to schedule a service call? She’s your girl. If it’s a bigger project, see the next bullet point
  • A bigger project means a bigger discussion. We’d love to schedule a call with you with our owner and founder, Derek Johnson, so he can dig a bit deeper into your space and what you’re hoping to achieve in a final project
  1. Call with Derek
  • Jamie will send you a link to schedule a call with Derek. Simply pick the time that works best for you and Derek will give you a call at that time to discuss. It’s a short, 15-minute phone call to give our team a better idea of the scope of the project
  • Derek can give you a price range and availability and answer any questions you may have, as well
  • Ready to move forward? Derek will send a formal quote for your approval
  • A 50% deposit secures your place on our calendar
  • You and Derek will build a work scope together over the phone
  1. In-house consultation
  • Derek can come out for about an hour. He’ll share what’ll happen and give you enough details that you could basically DIY the project. He’ll also answer any questions you may have 
  • The consultation fee will be absorbed into the job cost
  • Derek will give you an estimate for the project if you were to do it yourself and an estimate for JVI completing the job
  • You and Derek will build out a scope of work together
  • You’ll discuss what can change the timeline, like the client before you adding on work, bad weather, logistical things that we’ll call you about ASAP, etc
  • We don’t do electrical work but we do have contractors we can refer you to for that part of the project. You can also feel free to contact a professional of your choosing. We do call 811 before we dig
  • Let us know if you have an HOA and if there’s anything we need to be aware of before we start (our team parking on the street, gate codes, etc.)
  • Once the scope of work’s done, anything you add or change is a change order, which can increase the cost of your project
  • Pay the 50% deposit
  • Derek will give you a rough schedule. Within 24 to 48 hours we’ll have you confirm the date. This is when Travis and Jamie take over
  1. Project Approval
    • If you decide to move forward with us, we’ll send you an official scope of work document for you to approve
  2. Bring Your Project To Life
  • Travis will be in communication about the start date and any changes to that date.  We’ll also be in constant communication with you regarding deliveries that will need to be made (such as soil, mulch, rock, or equipment) to your house prior to the project start date
  • Pre-job walkthrough on the first day of work for you and our team so everyone knows what’s happening 
    • This usually only happens if the job is larger or more complex
  • We will communicate clearly with you regarding any obstacles we may encounter once we start. We’ll also reach out with any ideas we may have that would make your project even better.
  • Your yard will be a bit of a mess for a bit (see what happens). We will clean and tidy up each day before we leave but expect loud machines, equipment, and some dust while we complete the job. It will all be worth it, we promise!
  • Once the job is finished, we’ll use the approved work scope as a final checklist to make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction.
  • Finally, we’ll collect the final 50% payment and let you enjoy your new space
  1. Follow Up
  •  Jamie will periodically follow up with you to make sure you’re still loving the work we did.  And you can also always feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns! 

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