7 Decoration Ideas For Enhancing Your Nashville Garden

You can use more than plants to craft your ideal garden.

The process of creating your amazing garden can be long. There are countless ways to do so, and there seems to be no end to the ideas. Being professional gardeners and landscapers, we know how much information there is to go through.

To make things a little easier for you, here are 7 garden decorations you can use to beautify your Nashville home:

  1. Air Plants
  2. Bird Baths
  3. Wind Chimes
  4. Plant Pots
  5. Pottery Statues
  6. Herb Planters
  7. Bird Houses

Let’s find out a bit more about these garden additions.

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Multicolored Outdoor Pottery And Bird Baths At JVI

1. Air Plants

Air plants are almost unkillable. Since they don’t need soil they can grow them almost anywhere. Besides being such hardy flora, air plants make great garden decorations because they:

  • Come in hundreds of different looks and colors
  • Fit with almost any decor
  • Can grow indoors and outside
  • Don’t need much maintenance

You can discover the best hardy plants for your garden >>

Small basket of indoor air plants

2. Bird Baths

These are a staple in most gardens around Nashville. They can bring beauty to any garden in the form of colorful birds darting around, singing their merry songs. If you want small, colorful birds in your garden, the best bird baths are:

  • Concrete
  • 2 pieces for easier repositioning
  • Narrow lip for perching
  • 1-2″ deep
  • Taller
2 beautiful birds perched on bird bath

3. Wind Chimes

You can add 2 sources of beauty by using wind chimes as a garden decoration. Watch as the breeze gently swings the wind chime and hear it’s melodious ringing. Popular material choices for wind chimes include:

  • Metal like steel or copper
  • Bamboo for a more natural feel
  • Porcelain for a more unique look

Make sure to hang them in open areas where the wind can blow.

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes Nashville

4. Plant Pots

Transform the look of your garden decor with new plant pots! Whether it’s a new color or design, you deserve the best types of pots. The best materials for plant pots include:

  • Ceramic for a newer, shinier style
  • Terracotta for the classic look
  • Metal for ease and durability
  • Coir for economical and ecological reasons

The most important thing is to find the style that best represents your ideal vision for your garden decor.

Here are a few amazing seasonal plants for your new plant pots >>

Wide range of plant pot styles

5. Pottery Statues

Combine elegance and function with pottery statues to further enhance your garden decorations! These are a great idea for Nashville gardens because they:

  • Can have plants growing in them
  • Come in a wide variety of styles
  • Allow homeowners to express themselves
Pottery Statue Decor At JVI Secret Gardens

6. Herb Planters

You can grow basil, oregano, thyme, and almost any herb you want inside herb planters. These make great garden decorations because:

  • Of their wide range of colors and designs
  • You can grow your own herbs
  • Herbs can bring wonderful scents
Herb Planters At Nashville Garden Center

7. Bird Houses

A household favorite, birdhouses can allow you an up-close view of a bird’s life. They are fantastic additions to gardens because:

  • They bring nature a little closer
  • Of their range of design, anything from metal to wood
  • You can make them yourself
Natural Bird House At JVI Secret Gardens Nashville

You Can Enhance Your Home Today

There are so many ways to further enhance your garden and your home. Though these may only be a few, they can help you on your way to creating your perfect garden.

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